Fire Service

Schools & Training

West Virginia University Fire Service Extension (WVU-FSE) offers high quality training sessions throughout the year in addition to our highly acclaimed annual schools: the West Virginia State Fire School, the West Virginia Junior Firefighter Camp, and West Virginia Weekend.

Firefighter I Blended Learning course: * Cost is $250.00 to be pre-paid for purchase of handbooks and codes * Classroom portion will be conducted at the State Fire Academy in Weston, WV * Specific dates will announced once a minimum of 25 students are scheduled * A minimum of 5-6 contact days at the academy will be required * There will be a required mentored home station portion

Proboard Challenge on Oct 17-18 at Citizen’s Fire Company in Charlestown WV
Challenge Specifics as follows:
We will be offering Fire Officer 1 & 2 challenges both days if pre-registration is large enough (minimum pre-registration of 10 students per day). Students must have completed a Fire Officer 1 & 2 curriculum prior to challenge (call 304-269-0875 if course is in question (RESA certificates will be accepted)). The cost for the challenge is $150.00 for 1 Certification and an additional $100.00 for a second Certification. If you already have Proboard FO1 you can challenge FO2 for $150.00. You can also choose to challenge FO1 if you would like. Student will test on this weekend and home projects will be assigned and are due in 30 days

We will also be offering Hazmat Awareness and Operations (min pre-registration of 20 students). Tests will be given then practicals will be conducted. (Students must be prepared to be there for both days). Students must have completed a Hazmat Awareness and Operations Curriculum (call 304-269-0875 for questions on certificates. RESA certificates will be accepted)). The cost for the challenge $250.00 for both levels. These levels can also be dual accredited (Proboard and IFSAC) for an additional cost.