Fire Service

Aircraft Rescue Firefighting

Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Live Burn Mobile Simulator The Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) training program is an intense hands-on class requiring participants to expose themselves to live fire exercises in very realistic situations. Training is offered for municipal airport firefighters and other fire departments in the region.

Class Highlights

  • Experience live fire exercises.
  • Extinguish a simulated wheel, engine, cabin and a large 1350 sq/ft pit fire.
  • Experience high heat and smoke filled environments.
  • Learn shut down procedures for simulated shut down in cockpit of aircraft.
  • Operate throttles, fire bottles, and battery maneuvers.

WVU Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Training

  • Complies with FAA Part 139.
  • Available nationwide.
  • Available for disaster drills.
  • Available for tactical law enforcement training.

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