Fire Service

WV Certified Firefighter License Plate

WVU Fire Service Extension is giving firefighters who have been certified at the NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level 1 or 2 the opportunity to receive a State of West Virginia certified firefighter plate. This plate is for anyone that holds certification for the National Consensus Standard NFPA 1001 at Firefighter Level 1 or 2.

Please complete the application and return it to WVUFSE for verification. These are due by May 31, 2013. You will receive your plate sometime before the end of June. If your current plate is due between now and July 1, then you should go ahead and renew it and then transfer it once you get your new plate (not sure if there is a fee for this or not). These plates must be placed on a licensed vehicle that is titled in your name. This plate is only offered once a year. If you miss the deadline for this year, you will have to wait until next year to apply.

Also for your information:

1. You will find your title number on your registration card.

2. If you already have a firefighter license plate your fee will be $40.00 made payable to DMV (not FSE).

3. You must be certified in the National Consensus Standard for NFPA 1001 at the Firefighter level 1or 2. A copy of your certificate needs to be submitted with the application.

4. You cannot simply walk in to the DMV and get your plate; it must come through this office and these are issued ONCE A YEAR in May/June.

For questions on fees you can call Jane Haines at (304) 293-6483 or email her.